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Other people are a pain in the…well you know what.

In today’s complex environment, doing it all by yourself is a sure path to defeat. Industries with a technical or clinical side interfaced with an operational or administrative side often become locked in a perpetual game of we versus they. Sometimes 'we' wins. Sometimes 'they' wins. In reality, everyone loses.

When you can find a way to reunite we and they, trust and appreciation emerge. Co-Leadership strengthens the good work of both sides of the equation and creates better teamwork.

Anyone can do the books. Anyone can come up with strategy. Anyone can spec technology.  But execution –
where the real work is done – requires people to work together effectively. Our
Co-Leadership model is a proven way to get results.

Who is best served by exploring
Co-Leadership? Any organization
that has a we/they problem. Physician practices, dental offices, veterinary clinics, engineering firms, research and development organizations, marketing and sales teams and design firms to name a few.
Ask us about our Ethnography Studies.
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Reality of Eights

I don’t have enough time. Guess what?
You are right!

Everyday, you have eight hours of work, eight hours of sleep and eight hours of time for yourself. That’s it, the end. You cannot create more time. Later is our drug of choice. Yet, there will not be more time later.

Join us to slow down in order to speed up and live the life that suits you. Less haste, more speed.
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Deep Dive

What am I really good at and what should
I do with my life?

Before you can lead others, you need a firm grasp on who you are. Join us to discover your strengths and blind spots. In small groups, we will explore the path to allow the best you to emerge.
"Life is busy and time marches on. Whether it's work or love, money or health, the calendar turns without your help."
Lynne Ingersoll
Whatever your role, we will work side-by-side with you to build upon what you are doing well and to exchange what needs improvement for something better.
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Scary Conversations

I never seem to say the right thing.

Any important conversation is scary. And, it’s only the important conversations that change things. So if you avoid them, nothing changes. We take the scary out. Fear is the single most motivating or paralyzing emotion that we experience. Most of what scares us is unfounded. We have fabricated a story in our mind that stops us in our tracks. Learn how to exchange that scary feeling for a sense of confidence. Find your voice to address issues with co-workers, loved ones and acquaintances. Walk away knowing that you are getting what you need and allowing others to do the same.
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Coaching When You Need It!

"I need help NOW, RIGHT NOW!

Group work isn’t your thing? Have an important meeting to get ready for? Struggling with an idea? Need someone to bounce it off of? Need a tune up? We offer custom coaching road maps and development plans that suit your needs. On the phone, in person or on the move. Get the boost you need, when you need it. Use our on-call navigation system, we are here for you. Premium and after hour, just-in-time services available.

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